Ken and AFA crew,

It was great to chat about your hope and vision for the new AFA campaign video timing with the energy of the 25th anniversary year of the Clayoquot Sound protests.  I hear your desire to take the opportunity "make the old growth campaign go big".  

As I reflected on our phone call, I am reminded that the subject of ancient forests is one that continually forces us to think beyond our generation.  I know our society craves strong leaders, mentors and examples... not because I see it displayed often in our culture, but because such a deficit of leadership exists.  

So - what stands out to me the most from your beginning concept ideas, is the opportunity to hear from those great leaders & heroes of the forest movement in BC -- Valerie, Paul, Vicky, Adrian, etc, as they lead and encourage us to take the Ancient Forest Alliance's push to the BC NDP government.  It's a way to honour the wins of the past and build in ourselves the ability to begin and continue on a legacy of our own. 

Two visually stunning references come to mind that that use the interviewee's scripted voice over instead of a traditional in front of camera interview.  Both give us a window into a deeper knowledge gained from experience and leave us with an authentic story that inspires a way of life.  



I believe that taking a similar approach in style and creating a few shorter videos could create very memorable and shareable stories that when rolled out sequentially would be an opportunity to attract media attention. 


gather the stories (beginning of may)

  • Ken to identify the 3-5 main stories & interviewees
  • Ken, AFA team & Darryl to connect with interviewee and come up with a 1 minute script that highlights their past & present accomplishments in old growth forest protection and environmental activism and ends with a call to partner with the AFA to make the old growth campaign go big
  • Participants to create rough recordings and share with team (iPhone, computer, etc) for planning purposes and timing 
  • Ken & AFA team to outline filming locations that provide a good visual presentation of the subjects stories 

organize the shoots (middle to end of may)

  • Ken, AFA, Darryl - begin planning the logistics of locations and connecting with possible "allies" to help pull favours (i.e. boats, helicopter, historical photos and footage, accommodations, etc) - who can we connect with to maximize visual impact
  • Ken, AFA Darryl - co-ordinating schedules with interviewees and aiming for finding a few days filming schedule in Mid June.  
  • Ken to connect Darryl with any connections to photos and videos that we have clearance to use without incurring extra cost

FILMING (middle of JUNE)

  • Darryl to travel to island and joined by AFA reps to film vignette sequences for each of the interviewees 
  • Try to maximize as many visually interesting locations and activities that represent the past and present situation in BC old growth logging and activism as well as the geography of coastal BC 
  • Darryl to record the actual voice over story on location (in quiet vehicle) with participants 
  • Filming using the Red Epic-W 8K camera

editing (end of june)

  • creation of 3-5 short videos 
  • use inexpensive music tracks from

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 3.31.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 3.30.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 3.30.22 PM.png

new equipiment     


  • I now own the 8K Red Epic-W camera with the latest sensor technology (4x 4K frames can fit into an 8K image)
  • It shoots up to 30fps of 35MP images - so every clip is full of billboard quality prints
  • See footage of the Epic-W in a forest and oceanside from Abandon Visuals here 


  • I am proposing to shoot as much as possible on my DJI ronin gimbal (for moving smooth footage) 
  • With the support vest I can shoot very long takes for the whole day and it is portable enough to be carried into semi-remote areas as well or used on a boat or from aircraft